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Robot Comp 2018/2019

The 2018 the Roborays made it all the way and after qualifying for Palm Beach with their unique robot they went to compete in the Championships in Houston Texas. 

Robot Comp 2019/2020

In 2019-2020, the Roborays constructed a robot that completed the task of "Destination Deep Space"! Although the Rays made it through West Palm, COVID-19 postponed the competition.  

Robot Comp 2020/2021

The 2020-2021 FRC was online that sason meaning the Roborays still built a robot that completed the "Infinite Recharge" task, but due to COVID-19 they weren't able to compete in Palm Beach and had to do it virtually. 

Robot Comp 2021/2022

This year's robotics competition took place in West Palm Beach, the Roborays had a great defense robot and played satisfactory matches after a 2 seasons out of the game! 

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