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Roborays Robotics 


Seacrest Country Day School has an upper school robotics lab along with an engineering room that provides all the tools necessary to make great builds!  Pictures from our past team's robots and pictures of our workspace can be found in the gallery! The 2022 FRC challenge video can also be found in the gallery! To see our current team you can view the 'team' tab. To explore the gallery use the link below!

2022 FRC

The 2022 FRC (First Robotics Competition) is approaching! This March the Roborays will be competing in West Palm Beach with their newly built robot! Competing agasint other teams the Rays are excited to make their way to the arena this spring! If you want to see our progress and keep up with the competition go ahead and follow us on Instagram and our other socials! Its going to be a tough competition but the Roborays are up for the challenge!

2016-2017 FRC West Palm Beach - Houston Texas    

2017-2018 FRC West Palm Beach - Houston Texas    

2018 - 2019 FRC West Palm Beach                                       

2019-2020 FRC West Palm - COVID CANCELATION

2020-2021 FRC VIRTUAL COMP.  WEST PALM           

2021-2022 FRC West Palm                                       



The Seacrest Robotics Team is a group of students and mentors who collectively compete in the FRC (First Robotics Competition) each season. Taking on a new challenge every year the team works from January to March to plan, design, build, test, and compete with a robot made to complete a specific set of difficult tasks. Planning and team meetings begin in January while building and practice take place in February. On March 4-5th the first competition takes place in West Palm Beach, the winner then moves on to compete in Houston Texas. In 2017 and 2018 the Roborays were able to compete in Houston, however, the team does very well every year. Robert Paxton has been the supervisor for the team since 2019, his commitment and passion for engineering is the reason the program has gone so far. Now, in the 2022 competition season, Seacrest is ready to pick up where they left off and dominate the new challenge.


OUR Sponsors



"Such a dedicated and productive group of students, i'm so lucky to have such a great team."

Team Supervisor 

Robert Paxton

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